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(Packet 1) Water Purifier

Water Purifier removes toxins and chemicals from ordinary "people" water and prepares it for the addition of Sea-Monkey Instant Life Eggs.
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No. 28 5.00

(Packet 2) Instant Life Sea-Monkey Eggs

Instant Life contains the mysterious ingredients that (when combined with Packet 1, Water Purifier) hatches Instant LIVE baby Sea-Monkeys.

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No. 31 5.00

(Packet 3) Growth Food

Satisfy their hunger with Sea-Monkey Growth Food, the primary nutritional ingredient that's essential to your Sea-Monkeys health and happiness. NOTE: The same item listed below under Sea-Monkey Taste-Treats.
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No. 12 5.00

(Packet 4) Plasma

A Sea-Monkey formula booster to help even MORE baby Sea-Monkeys live and grow! Recommended for spectacular results.

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No. 24 5.00

Cupid's-Arrow Mating Powder

For shy Sea-Monkeys afraid of "marriage", this fabulous formula will give them a quick trip to the alter! Once "hooked", former "bachelor" Sea-Monkeys will fill your tank with oodles of cute babies - fast. 

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No. 84 5.00

Food Measuring and Feeding Spoon

This two-in-one feeding device has dual cups to feed both baby AND adult Sea-Monkeys.

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No. 13 2.00

Grow-Kwickly, Sea-Monkey Growth Stimulator

It makes those "runts" who don't want to grow-up, SPROUT almost OVERNIGHT! It's like sending your Sea-Monkeys to "boot-camp" to shape-up!  

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No. 75 5.00

Official Sea-Monkey Handbook

32 pages of facts and information to help you get the MOST out of your Sea-Monkeys.

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No. 32 4.00

Red-Magic Sea-Monkey Vitamins

This is the formula containing EVERY KNOWN VITAMIN your Sea-Monkeys NEED for robust health. Sea-Monkey owners who truly LOVE their pets should include "Red-Magic" in their diet. It not only insures a long healthy life, it adds a pretty red "tone" to their pale bodies making them even easier to view. 

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No. 98 5.00

Sea-Medic, Sea-Monkey Medicine

A MUST for emergencies if sickness should strike. "Sea-Medic" is the ONLY medicine available for Sea-Monkeys. It kills oxygen-depleting bacteria in their water without harming the Sea-Monkeys. It can CURE afflicted Sea-Monkeys if given IN TIME! Keeping "Sea-Medic" on hand if needed in a hurry is almost as good as having a team of Sea-Monkey doctors standing by in the E.R. 

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No. 68 5.00

Sea-Monkey Super Food

For a change in menu, feed your Sea-Monkeys a small scoop of this fortified and enriched Sea-Monkey Super-Food. They'll appreciate the new taste treat and you'll notice the "lazy" ones getting FRISKIER after dining on this GOURMET Sea-Monkey food. 

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No. 16 5.00

Sea-Monkeys Banana Treat

While it's true that "monkeys" like bananas, Sea-Monkeys are no exception. So here's a TREAT for your favorite pets and a wonderful way to REWARD them for the FUN they give you! A long-lasting supply of this tasty "dessert" for your aquatic pals that provides health-giving vitamins, minerals and LOVE! 

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No. 69 5.00